Community Connections – Getting Involved in Local Fundraising Projects

Community fundraising is a great way to give something back to local clubs, charities, and societies in your area. There are plenty of ways to get involved, you just have to be persistent and look for help off the right people. Raising funds for a worthy cause is an excellent way to rally neighbours to support your project. You will find that there are plenty of clubs and businesses who will be willing to help.

Tradies Club

If you are an Australian citizen or you have spent a lot of time in the country, you have probably heard of tradies. They are similar to social clubs in other countries and they get involved in all sorts of community-based projects. Tradies Sutherland have volunteers who give their time to local events that are aimed at supporting the community. Some of these events help locally, while others contribute on a national scale.

If you have no idea where to start, but you would like to get an event up and running, you should speak to a social club in your area to see if they can help. If you are in Australia and you are part of a tradies club, you will be able to work with that organisation. Tradies run all sorts of events throughout the year and many of them involve volunteering and fundraising around the neighbourhood.

Collect Donations from School Fundraising

As parents we think carefully when selecting a school for our kids, this should also apply when looking for a school to help with fundraising. If you know of any school in the area which has been previously involved in fundraising drives, you should get in touch with them and see if students would be interested.

Asking students to help with a fundraiser is a great way to teach them about social awareness and helping vulnerable sections of the community. When you get the kids on-board, you usually get their parents to help out and raise even more donations.

Get Local Businesses & Organisations Involved

As mentioned, tradies clubs are great organisations to approach if you need help with a fundraiser. If you are raising funds for charity, there are certain guidelines that need to be covered. You can invite local businesses and clubs to get involved in your fundraiser, they may even donate money to the cause.

Tradies clubs in Australia collect donations for all sorts of events, so they may be able to assist you in some way if there is an organisation in your community. Commercial businesses may be able to give dollar for dollar donations when you raise funds for the project.

There are many ways to get involved or even run your own fundraiser. You will find that there are plenty of local clubs and businesses who will help out with the project. Some will offer volunteers (tradies), while others will donate money to help you reach your goal. If you do not know where to start, get in touch with clubs who have experience with similar events.