How to Live a More Sustainable Life

Sustainability is a contentious subject. Although some continue to argue about the causes of global warming, the science is conclusive. Our planet is heating up, and the effects are already apparent.

The Environment and the Need for Sustainability  

You probably have seen many of the massive fires and other natural disasters. They seem to be occurring more and more frequently. This is not a false perception.

The Anthropocene Extinction:

The Anthropocene extinction or the Holocene extinction is a currently underway extinction event. It seems to be the result of industrialized human civilization.

However, nearly 25% of the biomass of the planet has died over the last 40 years. This looks to be an accelerating trend.

Peak Oil:

Most of the industrialized world economies are based on petroleum. This was not a problem for many years, but today things are different. It is suspected that we have already passed peak oil.

That means that the amount of new oil taken from the earth every year will decrease.

Global Warming:

Global warming is already beginning to affect many places on earth. Both California and Australia have had historic and record-breaking fires over the last year.

Events like this will become more and more frequent as the earth continues to warm

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Benefits of Sustainable Living  

There is no need for you to be anxious, considering the previously mentioned facts. It would be best if you took action.

That way, you can help make the difference we all need to make.

Create a Better World:

Do you enjoy going to the beach only to find it littered with debris? Most people do not. Living more sustainably ensures that the environment around you is cleaner.

That makes it more enjoyable for you and everyone else.

Leave a Habitable Planet for Future Generations:

The most important reason for living sustainably is leaving behind a habitable world. At our current pace, the environment will not sustain life on earth for many people in the future.

We can change this, but we must act now.

Tips on Living a More Sustainable Life  

The following tips will help you live sustainably. We recommend following each of them for the best results.


Most people produce nearly a ton of waste each year. Much of this waste is recyclable.

Recycling anything that you can helps. Check to see if your city offers recycling along with your regular trash service.

Walk Instead of Driving:

The next time you need to go to the corner store to pick up milk, try to walk or bike. We often drive places unnecessarily. Walking or biking places gets you more physical activity, and it is better for the environment.

This is a way that you can improve your physical health and contribute to leaving a better planet behind.

Buy Electric Instead of Gas:

Choosing to use electricity instead of gas for your vehicles and appliances is a great idea.  Electricity is cleaner, and often cheaper as a fuel for all of our transportation and gadgets

Electricity is more environmentally friendly and affordable than gas alternatives. We recommend looking into an electric vehicle as well. Internal combustion engines are one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Driving an electric car allows you to get where you need to be without contributing to greenhouse emissions.

Energy Efficiency

There are many benefits to living a more energy efficient lifestyle from the environment to your wallet. When you take steps to conserve energy you are not only relieving pressure on the energy supply but you are also monetarily benefited by lower United illuminating utility bills. Whether it is installing solar panels, investing in smart products and appliances, or turning off the lights when you leave a room each step towards a more efficient lifestyle is one step closer to a more sustainable future.

Final Notes on Sustainable Living  

Living sustainably is something that we all must take seriously. Sustainability means balancing your impact on nature, with the envirnment’s ability to keep up with demand.  Sustainability within your family also means living within your means.The longer we continue living the way many are prone to do, the more damage is done to our planet. Much of this damage will be difficult to reverse.

It is much more realistic to prevent it in the first place. However, this will require all of our attention. There is much work that needs to be done, so we better get started.