The Role of Mulch When Growing Cannabis

The soil around us comprises different layers, some having more minerals, while others have more organic materials present in them. Among all these layers, mulch is the first layer that can be seen. Mulch plays a very vital role in covering the soil layer and protecting it from adverse weather conditions. Mulch can take many forms, and each of them has its significance and benefits that they offer to plants and soil. To save the microbial life taking place in the soil, mulch is essential. The green mulch provides bacteria that are essential for the plant’s growth. To get the best results, we recommend you buy marijuana seeds Australia that is considered the best. 

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There are generally two types of mulch, which are used for the cultivation of marijuana plants. These two are known as woody mulch and the fresh green mulch.

Woody Mulch:

Woody mulch can be made using the stalks of the most potent plants from last year’s harvest. Adding these kinds of mulch to the soil will offer nutrients and food for the soil. You can also use shredded barks of trees for woody mulch preparation. It is advised not to use cedar mulch as they are not beneficial to insects required for the healthy growth of marijuana plants. Also, avoid using walnut mulch as they consist of toxins, which can affect cannabis plants.

Fresh Green Mulch:

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If you can save some fresh marijuana leaves and the young branches at the pruning stage, it can work as a fresh green mulch.  Adding alfalfa will introduce more nitrogen to the soil, which is beneficial for marijuana plants’ growth. Clover hay is also a good source of nitrogen in the soil. To have proper fresh green mulch, it is essential to keep the soil free from pesticides and chemicals.

There are various benefits that mulch provides in the cultivation of marijuana plants. All these benefits are discussed below:

Benefits of Mulch:

  • With the decomposition of materials in the soil, it offers essential microbes, fungi, insects, and other bacteria that are useful for the growth of marijuana plants. Adding mulch over the existing soil layer will provide a new, much better layer designed to suit the growth of marijuana plants.
  • Mulch is a powerhouse of nutrients. Once the mulch is placed in the soil, it gradually breaks down to form nutrients that are very beneficial for marijuana plant growth. The nutrients entirely depend on the mulch used by you.
  • The water is retained as the mulch avoids it from getting evaporated from the soil. This is because the mulch offers a barrier between the original soil and the climatic conditions outside.
  • Mulch has broad benefits that it provides to both the soil and the roots of the plants. The soil is now rich in nutrients and other elements required for thriving, whereas the root can quickly get the soil’s necessary nutrients. The soil is protected from extreme weather conditions with the use of mulch. All in all, mulch is a life savior for marijuana cultivators.