Stuck for Ideas? Here Are Some Fun Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming up fast once again – it can feel like it’s happening faster every year! As usual, one of the biggest stressors is buying the right presents for the right people. Every aunt and cousin has slightly different tastes, and you don’t feel like it’s okay to just get them all the same bottle of wine – especially if they will all be opening their gifts together ata  big family gathering. So what are you supposed to get them?

Obviously, it won’t be possible to buy each person their perfect gift – budgets just won’t stretch to that, and besides, hopefully everyone has a special someone in their lives who can provide that extra meaningful gift. But for you, we’ve put together a few basic ideas to help you give interesting and useful gifts this Christmas that will be loved by all!

  1. Sports equipment

Many people choose to get fit as part of their new year’s resolution, and if you know someone is planning to do just that it might be a fun idea to pre-empt them and get them some sporting equipment for christmas. This is an especially good idea if they’ve expressed an interest in a particular sport – for example if they’ve mentioned badminton, a badminton racket might be a good choice. 

  1. Books

Books can be tricky, because people tend to have quite specific taste – however, you can’t go wrong buying a recent bestseller, or asking the trust booksellers in your local store for their recommendations – if you can at least list a couple of interests or hobbies, they should be able to help you find something your relative or friend will enjoy reading! Another great way to find good books is to ask your friends what they’ve read recently that they loved. This can be such a fun way to find suggestions of things you might not otherwise choose. 

  1. Cooking stuff

Before you roll your eyes, no we aren’t suggesting getting your spouse a new frying pan for christmas (unless it’s a posh one they’ve asked for) – getting someone anything to do with chores is a big no-no. However, some artisanal ingredients like flavoured oils, or a quirky recipe book, is a great gift for someone who loves cooking or is looking forward to getting into it.

  1. Experiences

We all have some relatives or friends that are just impossible to buy for or who just don’t want ‘stuff.’ For these people buying experiences is a great idea – for example a ticket (or two) to a local exhibition that you know they would enjoy. It gives them something to look forward to, and they don’t have to find a place to display a gift they didn’t really want! If you’re really stuck, a voucher can be a great idea – whether it’s a voucher to try a new restaurant in town, or for a more adventurous activity, experiences are always a special gift. 

Hopefully, something on this list has resonated with you and you’re feeling a little more inspired for your christmas gifts. Happy shopping!