Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Starting To Fail

Marriages that have been working from decades sometimes end due to one spouse failing to put in any effort into the relationship. The truth is that some people change from the person they were when they first got married. This can lead to compatibility problems which can ultimately result in divorce. Growing resentment towards your partner can develop if you do not communicate issues. This can turn the marriage from a team into two people that believe they are against each other. The following are telltale signs that your marriage is starting to fail. 


Cheating is far different than in the past as emotional affairs are far easier to do in the age of technology. Meeting people used to have to be in person but this can be done via dating apps. There are so many ways to hide what you are doing when it comes to tech that it can be difficult to find out if a spouse is cheating. There are some signs that are as old as time as staying late all of a sudden at the office or strange charges on the credit card. Client meetings on the weekend are another as most people want to meet during the week as weekends are sacred to some. 

Refusal To Work On The Relationship

Counseling is something that has saved a number of marriages. This can be uncomfortable as talking to a stranger about relationship problems is not common. Refusal to go to counseling or try to work on the relationship is a sign that it is over. People seem to be fine living in an unhappy marriage but this is not something you should subject yourself to. Refusal to work on ourselves is also an issue as there could be personal issues impacting your relationship negatively. Pointing fingers at each other will do nothing unless you are ready to communicate clearly your expectations in the marriage. 

You Keep Criticizing Rather Than Praising One Another 

Most people have met that couple that is constantly criticizing their spouse. This could be in front of others or in private when discussing it with friends. Venting is one thing but what is said could get back to your spouse which is something to consider. Having these issues and discussing them needs to happen. You should praise one another even if the praise is a bit forced. If a spouse is an average cook, saying the meal is incredible doesn’t hurt anyone. Being honest if the food is terrible needs to be done with tact but they will likely know how bad it is. 
Marriage is tough which is why there are so many of them that end in divorce. Divorce can be liberating but make sure you hire a property division lawyer to ensure you get what is rightfully yours. Most divorces start to get ugly when personal property is on the line. Others might be a bit easier depending on state law and the verdict on property owned prior to the marriage. Prenuptial agreements are always recommended to ensure a person is protected especially if there is a huge income disparity.