Top Reasons Why You Should Never DIY Your DUI Case

Think you can go it alone on a DUI case? Think again. While some try to solo their day in court, most soon find that there are plenty of reasons to hire a DUI attorney if you want to ensure the best outcome for your case. Here’s why you should always have a lawyer by your side, even when you think that DUI isn’t a huge deal.

You’ll Get An Experienced Opinion

When it boils down to it, a skilled attorney knows a lot more about the legal system and how DUI cases play out than you do. If for nothing else, you’ll want a lawyer in your corner to provide grounded advice and legal opinions that will aid you in navigating what can be some very complex laws.

What’s more, a lawyer can help you get through many of the complicated legal filings, paperwork, and other minutiae of a DUI case — all of which you’re likely to be unfamiliar with and would have no idea how to complete on your own.

Mounting Your Defense

When it comes to crafting a sound defense, a DUI lawyer is often your best bet. While you might think that constructing a defense for yourself is simple, the reality is that situations aren’t always clear cut and there are many variables that might come into play when trying to absolve yourself of guilt. A skilled lawyer knows these well, and can help you craft the best defense possible.

When There’s No Defense

In some situations, there’s little you can do to avoid a guilty verdict, as the evidence against you might be insurmountable and your reasonable defenses limited. Even in situations such as this, though, having an experienced lawyer on your side is better than not enlisting one at all.

With favorable circumstances and a lawyer who understands the system well, you might still be able to work out a plea bargain for your case. In these scenarios, it’s possible to have your sentence or penalties reduced, which, in the long run, would work out for you better than pleading guilty with no lawyer.

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In Case Of Multiple Or Serious Offenses

When you have repeated or very serious DUI offenses, you stand to face much harsher penalties if you are convicted. In these cases, having a lawyer in your corner who knows the system is paramount if you want to maximize your chances of avoiding heavy fines or incarceration.