Smart Ways to Add Fitness to a Busy Mom’s Schedule

We all know that a new mom’s life can be exhausting. Unfortunately, it is not the kind of exhausting that also gets you into awesome shape. In the beginning you need time to recover, and you and your baby need time to synchronise, but once routines are established and mom is feeling good. It is time to start finding ways of getting back into shape. That means sleep, diet, and exercise. In this article we will explore adding exercise to your day.

  • Analyse Your Activity: Before you begin, for the purpose of being scientific, you should make a journal of activities during the week, Try to find the patterns that you want to encourage, and the times where you are getting good rest. Especially look at your baby’s routine and see if there are natural breaks that are predictable. The goal is to get your baby sleeping and eating at regular times, so that you can take advantage of the free time, but also find good amounts of rest. Taking out the randomness will do a lot to free up your day. You also might want to get a fitness tracker, so you can have a baseline of your activity levels before you begin.
  • Workout at Home: Of course, you want to get out and have a break, but when it comes to exercise you need consistency and convenience. For at least the first several months you are going to be more likely to exercise if it something that does not require extra steps. Instead of a gym membership, buy yourself stretching equipment, some women’s activewear and a yoga mat. Find a place in your home that you can both workout in, and be aware of your little one; have the baby monitor nearby.
  • Decrease Your Inactivity: When you are not working out, there are several moments in the day where you will be somewhat inactive. Waiting for the laundry, doing dishes, watching TV, and so on. Try to add extra activity in these times, leg lifts and squats can be done anytime, and they work a major muscle group. You might find time to do some arm curls, and if you are really motivated you might just drop down and do a few crunches or push-ups. It’s all about increasing your metabolism and burning off excess calories. But you probably won’t mind if you start looking more toned as well.
  • Avoid Sitting: Obviously sitting is necessary, but you should avoid sitting for extended times when you could be standing or even better, pacing. Keeping your muscles activated is a good for your health and a good way to extend calorie burning throughout the day.

Having a Baby will add a certain level of chaos in your life, that is unavoidable. But you do not have to accept defeat if you are trying to burn off some of the pregnancy weight. Your mission is to seek out all the moments of inactivity in your day and turn them into either effective rest or opportunities to burn fat and build muscle. You are in control, and you can use this time to your advantage. It takes determination, but if you set goals and track your performance You will soon see results.